Providing water independence for life!

As South Africans deal with water restrictions, water more than ever is valued as liquid gold, and you may be sitting on a goldmine!

Did you know that there are millions of cubic metres of water under your feet? Pure, natural, and rich in minerals, underground water is not only clean, but it’s also one of the most underutilised water resources in South Africa.

As a result, an increasing amount of businesses, government and private organizations, homes, and farms have started to install their own private boreholes in order to achieve water independence for life.

Contact Drill Direct today and take the first step to unearthing your hidden treasure of pure drinkable water.

About us

We at Drill Direct have a firm commitment to enabling growth through water independence. We have built a strong foundation of experience in providing turnkey solutions for boreholes in rural, NGO, domestic and commercial projects nationwide.

Every client is unique and we pride ourselves on designing the ideal water supply which is safe and drinkable, as the perfect enhancement to their property or business.

We pride ourselves on using the best and latest technology to drill, maintain and test boreholes to the highest standards.

Our Team

As a team, we have over 50 years of collective experience in providing ideal water solutions to communities, businesses, NGO’s, government, and properties of all sizes.

Our dedicated and innovative team comprises experienced engineers, water solutions specialists and senior commercial and corporate operations managers, all with extensive portfolios in water provision industry.

Over the last decade, we have been involved in bringing safe drinkable water to poverty-stricken communities, which has led us to develop an appreciation for the importance of sustainable water supply for all communities.

What makes our service unique?

Unlike conventional larger rigs confined to drilling in your driveway that may require you to move walls, cut down trees or disrupt your garden, our unique drilling rig is compact and can access just about any part of your property. We bring the water to you at an optimal point close to your nearest electrical point and water mains thus reducing the cost of laying meters of cabling and pipe works.

  • We work with our clients to provide bespoke turnkey solutions to all their residential and commercial borehole needs and managing the entire process from inception to maintenance view our full range of services 
  • We can access water with minimal disruption and impact to your property at an affordable rate.

What makes us unique?

  • Our drill rig can access nearly any part of your property, we go where the water is


  • Access to water with little disruption to you


  • Lower impact on your property with our drill rig


  • Reduce costs by bringing water close to the nearest electrical point

Frequently Asked Questions


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What can I use borehole water for?

Borehole water can be used for:

  • Garden irrigation
  • Flushing Toilets
  • Washing Cars
  • Washing Clothes

Once water has been tested and treated, you can use borehole water to:

  • Fill your pool
  • For drinking water ** (see 1.2)
  • Bathing
  • Food preparation or cooking
Is borehole water safe to drink?

The short answer is YES, in most cases.

  • All spring and most bottled water you buy is water that comes from the ground.
  • 64% of South Africans survive on groundwater!

However, it is essential you have your water tested to make sure it is potable (safe to drink).
In any situation where the public is likely to drink water from your water supply, we suggest that you install UV sterilisation in order to demonstrate that you have taken all possible steps to eliminate the risks.

What can I do to keep my borehole water safe?
  • Locate boreholes away from any obvious potential sources of contamination such as septic tanks and fuel tanks.
  • Keep rubbish, pesticides, fertilizers, animals and compost away from the borehole.
  • Remove and dispose of waste materials at approved facilities.
  • Apply garden fertilizers and agricultural chemicals sparingly, following label instructions.
  • Clean up any chemical spills immediately
  • Lock access to bore covers or sheds
  • Maintain borehole pumping equipment
  • Use a backflow prevention device to separate municipal water from bore water
Can I link my irrigation system to my borehole?

Yes, you can link your borehole to your existing irrigation system provided the water volume suffices to operate the irrigation system – should this not be the case, various options are available to rectify this.

Each client’s particular needs will be assessed and recommendations made.

Can I Connect my Borehole Water to a Scheme Drinking Water Supply?

Yes it can be connected BUT note:

  • A backflow prevention device must be fitted otherwise you could end up pumping your water into the municipal water line and visa-versa
  • Any connection to the scheme supply must be done by a licensed plumber; and
  • The water must be tested prior to using it as drinking water or for food preparation.
Do I Need Approval to Install a Borehole?

If you will only use your borehole for domestic purposes (garden & household use) then no approval is required.

If the water will be used in a manufacturing process (such as making soft drinks) and farming then it will require registration. (see question below)

Do I need to register my borehole?

If you will only use your borehole for domestic purposes (garden & household use) then no registration is required.

If the water will be used in a specific ​manufacturing process, such as making soft drinks or bottling water, ​then you ​will require registration with your local municipality.  If you are uncertain if this applies to you we are happy to assist with the registration process.


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