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Drill Direct provide a spectrum of services along the entire borehole value chain to ensure safe and sustainable water solutions to any client; residential, business, rural or agricultural.


Borehole Drilling

Our Drilling equipment is compact so it can access those hard to reach places that conventional drilling machines cannot. The size of the rig means it minimises damage to property and surrounding areas. The drilling rig is mounted on a small skid steer loader (bobcat). Our process is environmentally friendly with low ground impact and minimal noise pollution.

plastic water tank

Borehole pumps, tank Installation, and rain harvesting

Revitalising your old borehole system or installing backup water tanks will ensure that you are not left high and dry the next time the taps are turned off. Our professional workmanship and superior products and solutions will provide for all of your home or commercial water needs. With the turn of the tap, you have an instant water supply.

Water Surveying and borehole yield testing

Water Surveying and borehole yield testing

We provide the services of a professional water surveyor before drilling a borehole.

Our Experience has shown that one has a better chance of striking blue when doing a survey than if it’s left to chance. When rehabilitating a borehole, it is important to conduct a proper assessment to determine the viability of your borehole. Over the years many old boreholes have collapsed and are no longer viable for use. One can risk losing all your equipment if you install the pump before doing a proper assessment of the borehole. With special equipment and a camera, we can assess the condition of your borehole and advise.

We also do a yield test to determine the quantity of water in your borehole. From this information, we can make the proper pump selection for your borehole. The incorrect pump size can damage the borehole and render it unviable. Using the correct equipment in your borehole system will ensure the longevity of your water supply.

water quality testing

Water Quality Testing.

Safe drinkable water is key and to that end, we provide a full report on your water quality with comprehensive recommendations.

Hand-pump installation

We at Drill Direct chose to use the Afridev Pump which is a lever action hand pump, installed in a borehole and designed for deep well pumping. It is a heavy-duty pump designed to serve communities of up to 300 people and is designed around the principles of Village Level Operation and Maintenance (VLOM) and some of its unique features lend themselves to these principles such as the hook & eye connecting rods and uPVC riser mains. The simplicity of the design also means that only a few basic tools are needed for the installation and maintenance of the pump. The pump can be easily maintained on a community level.

Filtration systems

Filtration systems

Due to the declining infrastructure in our water treatment plants, clean drinking water is becoming difficult to guarantee. A water filtration system, which we provide will give you the peace of mind you need for you and your family. Filtration systems disinfect and remove contaminants from your water supply.

Risk Assessment for industry and agriculture

Risk Assessment for industry and agriculture.

It is imperative we Identify and understand how water-related risks will impact your operations and your growth strategies. We take action to reduce and better manage the water entering and leaving your operations and collaborate with the right partners for sustainable resilience to water issues across your business.


No more municipal dependence – clean water all year round.

If your municipality cannot provide you with water, then a borehole can give you direct access to safe drinkable water. Even if they can provide you with water, by having your very own borehole you say goodbye to frustrating water cuts, municipal disruptions, and water rationing during times of drought. You can have a full pool and a green garden year round.

Save you money and increase the price of your property.

Considering the escalating water costs, drilling a borehole for a domestic home or commercial property is becoming a more viable and cost-effective solution for water supply. With a borehole on your property, you will save money every day by reducing your municipal bill and will increase the value of your property. By using borehole water to irrigate your garden, fill your pool, water features and wash your car, you avoid paying a high water bill.

lower your carbon footprint.

A borehole also reduces your carbon footprint since huge amounts of coal are burnt to lift water from dams and rivers and treat this water.


We are standing by to help you get water independence for life.

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